Glass Lifting Equipment

Glass handling and lifting is a delicate process that can be dangerous without the right equipment. At Tough n Glass, we offer the German-made Uplifter Glassworker GW 425 for commercial hire.

The Glassworker is a state of the art glass lifting machine with a maximum lifting capacity of 450 kg. It is compact, agile and perfect for use on construction sites, fitouts, installation projects and renovation work. It features a computer self-monitoring safety system to ensure that the load and arm movements remain within safety parameters at all times. Our glass lifters are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are designed to make glass handling safe and simple.

Do you need help with a glass installation project? At Tough n Glass, we provide heavy glass lifting equipment hire for businesses across Melbourne.


Glass Lifting Machine and Crane Hire

Glass Lifting Machine
Heavy Glass Lifting Equipment

All glass lifting equipment comes with a fully qualified and licensed operator. We can offer simple wet hire (machine and operator) services or Tough n Glass can also include a qualified glazing team to completely handle the installation project.

We offer glass crane hire on a short-term basis for simple glass installation projects. We can also provide longer-term machine rental for larger-scale projects.

Designed to streamline your glazing work, the Glassworker GW425 will make light work of your glass lifting and handling, while minimising the risk of damage to your materials and worksite and ensuring completely safe and efficient glazing.

Glass Lifting Equipment Hire

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