Frameless Architectural Glass Systems: Partitions, Glass Doors & More

When you need experienced glaziers that specialise in the supply, construction and installation of frameless glass systems in Melbourne, you need the qualified professionals at Tough N Glass. We provide homes and businesses across the city and suburbs with a superior quality system that is as functional as it is sleek and stylish.

Assembling and installing a frameless glass door or system isn’t something that just anybody should do; it requires a certain level of planning and specific skills that come only with education and experience – something the glaziers of Tough N Glass have in spades.

An Architectural Glass System for Almost Any Application

Whether you’re looking for frameless glass systems for the home or for the workplace, be sure to get in touch with Tough N Glass in Melbourne. We can cover both commercial and domestic applications, installing systems that offer a multitude of uses. These can include:

  • Frameless glass doors that welcome customers in and make the most of smaller entry ways and rooms.
  • Unique frameless glass shop fronts that appeal and intrigue the eye of the customer.
  • Office glass partitions and internal glass doors and walls that create separate areas within the building, while maintaining light and a feeling of openness.
  • Glass pool fencing that improves the safety of the pool area, without distracting from pleasant views.
  • Glass balustrades using Standoff, mini posts and heavy-duty channel systems etc. to create clean lines for a modern look.

Choose from clear, grey, bronze, green, and a variety of other colours when you order your system from Tough N Glass. Whatever your requirements, whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial, we can design and install frameless glass systems in Melbourne to suit.

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We use only top-of-the-line, professional hardware systems and Australian made glass, plus all of our glaziers are experienced, qualified professionals.Call 03 9795 0920 now or send an email to auto discuss your new custom-made frameless glass installation or organise a free measure and quote.

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